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Every business is governed by a set of corporate responsibilities. And beyond business, it is corporate social responsibility (CSR) that triggers a wholesome growth. Today, it is an indispensable par t of long-ter m leadership strategy. Every day new ways and means are discovered to integrate CSR with business, making the process more meaningful and conclusive. Since the time when CSR was accepted as a mainstream corporate function, several methodologies have been adopted to foster it. Donating money, goods or time, employee volunteering, prioritising environmental sustainability by minimising carbon footprints and adopting community development projects are few among them. This issue of Signature will explore such scopes of responsible corporate citizenship and how effectively they are put into practice by Mantri Developers.
As a key custodian of CSR activities at Mantri, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and employees for their suppor t to our various programmes and initiatives over the years. What deserves a special mention is that during this quar ter, we have added the Constr uction World Builders and Architect awards as well as the Leo Club Award to our pool of awards. As we draw closer to the festive season, I would like to extend my warmest wishes to you, your family and friends, par ticularly wishing them a happy and safe Diwali. Hope this season will bring you much joy and prosperity.

Best Regards

Priyanka Mantri


When CSR is the mantra Leadership is the yantra

In April 2014, when the Companies Act, 2013 was passed in the Parliament of India, the mandate for corporate social responsibility (CSR) hit the boards of all national and multinational corporations operating in India. The purpose behind this inclusion was to supplement the efforts of the government agenda towards the nation’s development through the device of corporate citizenship and the role called leadership. While philanthropy and CSR were never a novel concept for the Indian companies, this Act successfully brought in more companies into its fold. The industry responded positively to this reform measure and within such a short period, the entire scenario of CSR activities in India underwent a radical change. Companies eligible under Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 have embraced the law and initiated a number of CSR projects across the entire spectrum as defined in Schedule VII of the Act. Today, this combination of regulatory and societal pressure translates into corporate organisations, pursing their CSR programmes more professionally and we can look forward to the coming years where the corporate world will work hand in hand with our country’s leaders to drive growth and development across India.

Sushil Mantri


Business built on responsibility always yields for humanity
Swachh Bengaluru - Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled

Earlier this year, it was the residents of Nepal who had witnessed the ugliest whim of Mother Nature. The massive earthquake there put thousands of families homeless. Children, old people, even pregnant women had to spend days and nights under the sky. When compassion and consolation started pouring in from all across the sub-continent, it was Mantri S.E.V.A. (Support and Encouraging Voluntary Action), in association with Building Bricks (BB), that barged into the scene with over 100 tents for the homeless and other relief materials. On May 22 , one of the tents set up by Billion Bricks in Kathmandu was christened with the cry of a new-born. Later, it had become home to a 9-year old girl whose limbs were injured during the quake. An old lady, who had fractured her ribs during the disaster, had also found solace after surgery in one of those tents.

Thousands of organisations today are responding to the concept of responsible business with much seriousness and enthusiasm. It has shown them a new way to engage with the society through responsible business initiatives and practices. Till date, there is no single definition of responsible business. All it is said that its roots lie in philanthropic activities under taken by corporations. Globally, the concept of responsible business has evolved over the years and now encompasses all related concepts such as triple bottom line, corporate citizenship, philanthropy, strategic philanthropy, shared value, corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Today, in the context of responsible business practices in India, Mantri Developers is almost synonymous with CSR. As a responsible business organisation, it takes pride in being socially inclined and focused on sustained and effective CSR programmes. Since its inception in 1999, Mantri CSR programmes are guided by the philosophy...

Thousands of organisations today are responding to the concept of responsible business with much seriousness and enthusiasm. It has shown them a new way to engage with the society through responsible business initiatives and practices. Till date, there is no single definition of responsible business. All it is said that its roots lie in philanthropic activities under taken by corporations. Globally, the concept of responsible business has evolved over the years and now encompasses all related concepts such as triple bottom line, corporate citizenship, philanthropy, strategic philanthropy, shared value, corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).


“Building for Tomor row”. Mantri Developers has been more than just a proper ty development company and have endeavoured to emerge as a constructive and enlightened partner in the communities in which it operates. Social responsibility has become its corporate ethos and value proposition for customers. It promotes and practises sustainability in most of its business activities and designs its social contribution activities to help empower communities and contribute to the upgradation of the society. Thus was born Mantri S.E.V.A - Suppor ting and Encouraging Voluntary Action, with an aim to promote and engage, both individually and with partners, in social contribution activities that help strengthen communities and contribute to the enrichment of society.

Today, CSR is not just a function in an organisation, but a new element of leadership that makes a profound difference in gauging business performance. For any company, the success of a CSR programme is judged not just on the social impact it makes but on the way it partners with experts to engage with members of the society to create a long-lasting impact. Mantri Developers believes in cultivating relationships with diverse stakeholders, such as service associations and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) to achieve its social development goals.

This initiative not only strives towards a cleaner city, but it also engages with students, employees, and members of the society to spread the awareness of the necessity of having a clean surrounding. Another important element of responsible business is corporate sustainability. It is derived from the concept of sustainable development such as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Corporate sustainability essentially refers to the role that organisations can play in meeting the agenda of sustainable development and entails a balanced approach to economic progress, social progress and environmental stewardship. Mantri Developers has always been committed to the vision of creating a sustainable world by promoting the practice of sustainability in most of its business activities. It has been involved in activities for protection of the environment, including restoration of parks, up-gradation of gardens and building ecologically sustainable projects as a leading realty developer, with a strong emphasis on environmental management and safety standards.

To know more about the various CSR and sustainable initiatives at Mantri Developers, please visit www.mantri.in. You may inbox your ideas and thoughts on CSR to seva@mantri.in.

Building for


Mantri co-hosted the most prestigious Toyota Karnataka Golf Festival 2015
The biggest golf event of the state, Toyota Karnataka Golf Festival 2015, was sponsored by Mantri Developers. Being a responsible corporate citizen, Mantri Developers has been consistent enough in promoting sports. It believes that sports are an integral part of human civilisation. In order to ensure health, happiness and prosperity of the people at large, Mantri Developers has been playing a pivotal role in popularising sports.
Karnataka Golf Association felicitated under 18 International Golf Champion
17-year old Aditi Ashok was conferred the ‘Excellence in Golf in 2015’ award for her achievements in the game in India and abroad. The award was given to her during the Toyota Karnataka Golf Festival 2015 at Ritz Carlton. Aditi won the Singha Thailand Amateur Golf Championship in 2015; became the first Indian and the youngest golfer ever at the British Ladies Amateur Strokeplay Championship.


Mantri Developers and senior citizens of Bengaluru celebrated India’s 69th Independence Day

Mantri Developers, the senior citizens of Bengaluru and children from their surrounding communities marked the 69th Independence Day of India with a remarkable cycle rally. This was followed by planting 69 saplings around the carnival site that the seniors pledged to sustain regularly in a bid to urge the fellow Bengalureans to go green. Organised at Mantri’s site in Manyata Tech Park, the gala event also paid tribute to India’s silver generation, some of whom recounted the experiences of the actual eve of independence in 1947.

On this occasion, Mrs. Snehal Mantri, Director HR and Marketing, Mantri Developers said, “When some senior members of the Mantri community sought my support for their Independence Day celebrations with the idea of sending out the much-needed ‘green signal’ to the society at large, I immediately decided to go ahead as it is a social responsibility of every citizen to be environmentally conscious. Within no time, and with sheer hard-work and passion of the elder citizens, the planned celebrations grabbed more eyeballs and gathered more supporters than ever anticipated. This just proves the idiom, you are only as old as you feel.”


Real Man, Real Honour

Mr. Sushil Mantri received the prestigious CWAB’s “Top 10 Builders through Decade” award in the 2015 edition of their show. CW Architect and Builder Awards were instituted by ASAPP Media Information Group, that celebrates and honours the talent, vision and commitment of architects and builders for their consistent and significant contributions to the construction fraternity.

Winning time for Leo Club Espana

The Leo Club Espana was selected by the Lions Club Best Excellence Award for 2014-15. Leo Club Espana was formed in October 2011 with 27 members that got supported by the Lions Club, Bengaluru. Today, it is a part of the Lions Club International, the largest volunteer service organisation in the world. The club’s main focus is to help the for the remarkable work done by them. It was conferred the International underprivileged.


Renovate the way of life

The experience of a virtual world is a wonderful mimicry of all that is real but weird. It is free from constraints, and you can go to any extent of fantasy. A typical virtual reality programme allows you to explore a make-belief world that is designed to your imaginations. Your command on the operating aspect makes you perform tasks like walking around a three-dimensional building, performing a virtual operation, playing a multi-user game, participating in a theatre of war and interacting with any work of art.

Apart from games, cinematic effects and other entertainment-related applications, virtual reality is creeping into serious applications like marketing support, research simulation, visual hypothesis and others. In real estate too, it is proven as a powerful tool that gives a prospective customer a taste of his dream home without undertaking hassles. And to take this trend forward, Mantri Developers has introduced the iView technology for the stakeholders, channel partners and customers of Mantri Vantage and Mantri Manyata Energia. It has distributed virtual reality headsets that are based on DIY Google Cardboard technology.

Made of lenses, navigation magnets and cardboards, it can be quickly assembled to create a virtual reality headset that will generate different three-dimensional views of the desired properties without moving physically. Plus, they can perform the following tasks easily:

  • Have a detailed look of the property at their convenience
  • Feel the view of property and exteriors from various floors
  • Check various colour combinations of the apartments
  • Mix-match various furniture fittings in the interiors, even before moving in

Presently, this technology works on Nexus 4 and above, MotoG 2nd Gen, Samsung Galaxy 4 and above, MotoX, Mi3 and One Plus One phones only. All you do is get an iView virtual reality headset, fold it and look inside to enter the world of headset cardboard. Till date, it is the simplest and the most affordable way to have a virtual reality experience. Once you have it, you can explore a variety of apps that unfold everything around you.


Thinking Clean, Thinking Green - at Mantri Espana

An initiative to transform a grey cityscape into a green urban landscape.

Bengaluru is gradually fading into a congested urban hub that looks grey in colour. The eye-soothing greenery is fast disappearing. The city is losing at least a dozen trees each day as they are brutally chopped for an excuse of urban development. A comprehensive action plan to combat this rampant chopping of trees is the need of the hour. With an aim to promote the green areas within our properties, Mantri S.E.V.A. recently organised a tree planting event at Mantri Espana on July 15. The trees were planted near the clubhouse. Many residents, especially the children, participated in this event wholeheartedly.



We believe, it is your active participation that can make our initiatives more meaningful, and hence successful. Do keep inboxing us your ideas and suggestions at seva@mantri.in as we will be happy to implement them.


Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow


When C fore rated Indus International School as the best international day-cum-boarding school four times in a row, its teachers and students could not resist the excitement. During the celebratory dinner, Mrs. Sarojini Rao, the Principal, congratulated all the teachers and selected parents for this achievement. With this gesture, she motivated all of them to retain the title in the coming year as well.

This month, Indus International School has witnessed some extraordinary accomplishments in sports. A Japanese student, Ryoya Ogino won the Gold Medal at the chess championship in Malaysia, beating nearly 150 other competitors; and Mithil Reddy achieved his FIDE rating.

Heman Nama ranked 30th at the national level in tennis, and the Indus football team emerged the runners-up in the All- India Boys’ Football Tournament, with Srikritt Podar and Ghalib Al Halim winning Best Striker and the Best Defender. September also saw the Principal’s conference discuss the progress of the Data Analytics initiative. Indus International School has made a commitment to have all entries in for the first reporting cycle that will then be graphically represented using data analytics.

The Grade 4 students here experienced their first leadership camp on school grounds, organised by the Indus School of Leadership. The students enjoyed the experience and the ideals of camaraderie, the importance of motivation and the


drive to be successful were all evident in the young leaders. Meanwhile, a group of older students in Grades 9 and 11 have gone on an expedition in the mountains with the Indus School of Leadership. They will be climbing Mount Yunam (6,087m) in Himachal Pradesh. We look forward to welcoming back those transformed leaders.

The boarders here have had exciting weekends with Grade 8 students going rock-climbing, under the supervision of a trainer with international experience. In addition, 75 boarders enjoyed a two-day trip to Ooty, the highlights of which included visiting a tea estate, the Radio Astronomy Centre, and a safari at the Bandipur National Park. The trips were certainly new, and full of exciting experiences. Another exciting experience awaiting the students is that of higher education, and the placement cell organised visits from 50 universities to ensure that the Indus students have ample data to make informed decisions.

Apart from conventional teaching methodologies, Indus International School has been exploring some practical means of learning that will not only nurture merit but will also create future leaders.


Now your mind will blow out!

If you are a resident of any Mantri project, you can easily make so much money, so much, that it will blow your mind out. All you do is just refer a colleague, friend or relative of yours, who is looking for a home, to Mantri and get a handsome reward in return.

Mantri Insignia is a loyalty programme that rewards Mantri customers for referring their friends and family to Mantri properties. It endeavours to build a long-lasting relationship with every Mantri customer through this mutual give and take. Such a methodology of generating revenue has not only benefitted Mantri but has also helped so many of its residents make quick and easy money.

Over the years, businesses have evolved from offering tactical rewards to building more meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the customers. Customer experience management is on the top priority for many business houses. Mantri too wants to take the same path. It focuses on taking Mantri Insignia to the next level as a response to the shift in customer psychology, from a desire for possessions to a desire for experiences.

Gaining this depth of knowledge about customers is done by extracting insight from all customer touch-points and channels across the entire organisation. It is about harnessing mountains of customer data from online channels and beyond, and extracting valuable insights from them with speed and precision. But the challenge Mantri Insignia is facing today is the lack of complete data on customer profile.

To deliver a stellar customer experience, the executives of Mantri Insignia need to know their customers better than ever before. That means, creating and maintaining complete customer profiles that help the organisation understand and measure their customers' journeys at every touch-point across multiple channels. The more the organisation knows about their customers, the better and more relevant would be their offer to their customers. The more relevant the offers are, the closer is the relationship.

Hence, towards this, efforts have been put in by Mantri Insignia to gather as much knowledge about their customers as possible. Mantri Insignia is geared towards achieving three important things in the year 2015-2016:

  • Achieving service excellence.
  • Designing and offering value proposition.
  • Offering meaningful and relevant rewards and experiences.

Towards the end, Mantri Insignia will come up with a brand new website and a lot more interesting elements.

“We are in the process of launching mobile app soon, so as to make it convenient for our customers who would like to have everything on the move”, says Priyanka Mantri, who is heading Mantri Insignia. “There is a lot of scope for engaging our customers. Hence, coming up with engagement programmes that enable us to constantly stay in touch with our customers and understand their emerging needs and preferences”, she adds.

The team at Mantri Insignia is working hard in putting together a lot more interesting and exciting rewards on the catalogue that would cater to the varied profile segments of their customer database.


Living for a cause, winning applause


As a registered trust, Samarthanam has been working for the empowerment of the disabled and underprivileged since 1997. It is headed by Shri GK Mahantesh, a visually impaired social entrepreneur and disability leader, whose motto in life is to enable the disabled and those from underserved backgrounds keep pace with rest of the society.

It pledges to facilitate those people with quality education, vocational training and placement, rehabilitation and cultural up-gradation. It provides them healthy accommodation, nutritious food and financial support.

Samarthanam’s vision is to create an inclusive society where a person with disabilities and the underprivileged become contributing members. By 2020, it will touch at least one lakh persons with disabilities. It has also been conferred a special consultative status by the United Nations Organisation. Mantri Group too has suppor ted Samarthanam in the past with monetary contributions towards setting up a residential school for the disabled.

Samarthanam was also a part of the Swachh Bharath Campaign in 2014 that was organised by Mantri Developers. More than 150 school children and staff members participated in it. Its school students were part of the Independence Day Celebration organised by Mantri Developers at Manyatha Tech Park.

The Modular Operandi

With the growing crunch of usable space in modern homes, there has emerged a trend where home furnishing is slowly metamorphosing into a modular set-up. And, to give this an impetus, Mantri Developers has come up with a huge array of world-class branded home furnishing solutions in its flagship store Spacethetics. It is a one-stop-solution for all the Mantri residents who want their homes look just the way they have dreamt.

The concept of modular furniture has taken interior designing by storm by giving numerous solutions to its users. Spacethetics comes with a series of utilitybased home furnishing solutions that are scientifically designed, durable and almost maintenance-free. They are manufactured in a state-of-the-art centralised production unit under strict quality supervision and are fitted at the customers’ place, without messing it. The end product ranges from membrane to veneer on the surface and particle board to solid wood beneath. The hardware and other accessories are attached on customers’ requirement. The entire process is flexible, time-saving and engages minimum manpower. Spacethetics gives its customers the liber ty of finalising the furniture before taking possession of the unit and this results saving time. Be it kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, entertainment units, living room furniture, kids room fur niture or workplace fur niture, Spacethetics has specialised itself in offering modular solutions to its customers.

And all these come with a one-year warranty on the product workmanship, ensuring that everything is in place when you move in.

Contact: Mr. Srikumar Inani
Ph.: +91 9900633800
+91 80 65475751 / 23367707
Email: srikumar.inani@



Independence Day Celebration

The 69th Independence Day was celebrated with Mr. Mohammed Arif hoisting the national flag of India at Mantri Square. The mall had a theme-based décor from August 14 to 16, and the fusion and classical music programme ‘Sound of India’ added to the excitement of the visitors at Mantri Square on that day.



Friendship Day

On Friendship Day, a Java Bullet Bike was placed inside Mantri Square on which the shoppers posed for photos with their friends. This concept was well received by the frequenters there who responded with gust and enthusiasm to make it a sweet memory.


Giving into the craze and rage of the modern-day selfie-artists, Mantri Square had organised a Selfiethon, which was an onlineoffline integrated event. The purpose of this youth-centric, technology-driven event was to attract the attention of the young crowd at Mantri Square. There was also a contest on Facebook and Twitter where customers posted selfies and won goodies.



Bangalore International Art Festival

Mantri Square, in association with AIM, organised Bangalore International Ar t Festival on September 19, 2015 at Mantri Square. Students from different colleges participated in this event and showcased different forms of dancing amidst a cheering crowd.

Bangalore Times Fresh Face 2015

Bangalore Times organised the Fresh Face 2015 contest at Mantri Square wherein young patrons from all parts of Bengaluru appeared for audition. There were various competitions such as vocals, theatre, freestyle dance, zumba, karate, skating, mime, magic etc. that drew the attraction of the cheerful crowd and encouraged the competitors as well.



Clear Coat

Clear Coat is a renowned gadget-protection brand. It sells screen protectors, an additional sheet made of polyurethane or glass that can be pasted on the screens of mobile phones, tablets etc. This protects the gadgets from external physical damages. If you are carrying an expensive and delicate gadget, get it protected here, on the second floor at Mantri Square.

Chawla Leather Crafts

Chawla, established in 2013, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of leather Kolhapuri chappals, leather Punjabi juti, leatherembroidered Punjabi jutti and many more. Find out more about them and their variety on the second floor at Mantri Square.



Liberty Footwear

Liberty Shoes have been fashioning footwear for over 60 years now. It is a brand for the styleconscious around the globe and has an appeal all over the world. Recently, it has opened a shop on the lower ground floor at Mantri Square.

Estelle Fashion

Estelle’s fashion jewellery suits every stylish and elegant woman. Its designs are international in style, and reflect a spirit of aspiration and confidence. Estelle’s attributes are quality, reliability, international appeal, trendiness and value-for-money. Estelle is retailed in India through ten exclusive showrooms, and one of them is on the first floor at Mantri Square.



Sabhyata Fashion Boutique

Sabhyata is a house of designer ethnic-wear. Incorporated in 2003, Sabhyata has created a niche in the market as a trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Indian ethnicwear. In their prestigious line of women-wear, they offer kurti, churidar, legging and Patiala. Available in all vibrant colours and prints, standard sizes and bewitching designs, their Indian ethnic garments are created by artistic and professional fashion designers. If you want to get one for yourself, visit their new store on the first floor at Mantri Square.

Mx Corn

Mx Corn is a healthy concept in snacking that is simple, but still has some unique and interesting flavours. It stirs up a taste temptation with its natural goodness and is always a hot favourite among the youth. If you wish to pamper your taste buds with a Mx Corn delicacy, visit its outlet on the lower ground floor at Mantri Square.